Book Review: The Boyfriend App


After I met Katie Sise at a YA Book Panel, I found myself asking how I’d never heard of her before and why I hadn’t picked up her book yet.

Therefore I quickly went on a library quest to find this book and lucky for me it was available on my library’s digital site. After being put on a wait list I finally got it and read it within a day. It was that good.

The novel centers around Audrey McCarthy, a computer whiz, who enters an app making contest in an effort to win a college scholarship that she desperately needs if she has any chance of going to a good school.

Based on her lack of a love life, Audrey comes up with “The Boyfriend App”, an app that originally was just to match girls up with their perfect guy and tell them when said guy was nearby. However, after seeing her friend dissed by her so-called match Audrey realizes she needs to think of an even better idea if she wants to win the contest.

Discovering a secret in Public, the big name company that makes everyone’s technology (very similar to Apple) and is running the contest, Audrey is able to make an even better app that turns her world upside down.

I loved this novel. The chemistry between Audrey and one of her best friends, Aidan, is fantastic. They obviously like each other but they’re just too chicken to realize it and although it drove me crazy throughout the novel it was great when *spoiler alert* they finally get together.

Also, what made me happy about this book was although Audrey is definitely presented as an underdog type character, she’s not pushed around. From the beginning of the novel she stands up for herself against her ex-best friend turned bully/diva, Blake. Audrey is a determined, head strong, and funny character.

From the start she knows what she wants for herself and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it without losing herself or changing her morals to do so. Additionally, what I loved about Audrey is she’s really dealing with some heavy stuff. Her father past away a few years back and now she and her mom are on their own, trying to get by. The reason the competition is so important to Audrey is because she knows how smart she is and all she wants is to better her education at a great school and get out of her town but she doesn’t have the money to do so.

That’s what I loved most about this book. Audrey didn’t want to become the most popular girl in school or something ridiculous. She just wants to go to a good college. It’s an admirable goal and I loved her more for it. Plus she was just this awesome cute little nerd that wanted to win. I supported her the whole way.

If you haven’t already, definitely check out this book. It’s a cute, fun read that’s perfect for summer reading by the pool. Also, Sise plans on writing a sequel/companion to the novel which I am now impatiently waiting for.

Favorite Line: “When somebody gets taken away from you, people try to say all kinds of things to make you feel better. Like how time heals (it doesn’t) or how sorry they are (who cares?) or how God has a plan (if He does, why is it crappy so far?). This was the first time someone said something that helped a little bit. I was grateful for it.”

Stars: 5 out of 5. Although it has many of the same qualities of many cliched teen romance novels, there were so many great characters in this novel that I became instantly obsessed with it.

Borrow or Buy: Buy. Totally worth buying. I will probably buy it at some point because I’ve been rereading parts of it since I finished it last week. I even considered renewing it for that reason. Then I figured that would be selfish. Definitely worth adding to your library.

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