10 Videos That Will Make You Wish You Could Dance

As much as I love to dance around like a fool, I know I have no skills. Just by watching these 10 videos I know for a fact that my dance skills are inadequate. Even so, I always find it fun to watch choreography and question how someone can move so fast and stay on beat. Check it out.

1. “23” choreographed by Mega Jam

This Aussie dancer kills it. She does a lot of hip hop dance videos and if you want to try learning some of her moves she also does choreo videos where she breaks down the steps.

2. “Get Like Me” choreographed by Paris Goebel

Surrounded by male dancers, Paris herself kills it in this video (as do the guys). You can catch Paris in the newest Step Up movie, Step Up All In, coming to theaters this July.

3. “Partition” choreographed by Yanis Marshall

This guy always goes in . . . in heels. I don’t think I could even walk in heels as well as this guy dances in them. Between the heels and his fierceness, he puts all his back up dancers to shame.

4. “#thatPOWER”

First of all, if you knew how to dance you might be able to get on Ellen. Twitch, from SYTYCD, was the guest DJ for the start and end of season 11 of Ellen and the present he gives her to thank her is fabulous. Makes me actually want to watch SYTCD. Speaking  of which . . .

5. “Outta Your Mind” 

Twitch and Alex killed it with this hip hop performance for the show. Sadly, due to an injury during rehearsal he had to drop out of the competition. Even so, Alex continues to dance and has been seen on TV and even dropped a single called “Crave.”

*Bonus Video* Ellen redid the dance with Twitch after Alex got injured and it was great.

6. The Company Dance Group at the Vibe Dance Competition (2014)

First, I don’t know how they didn’t win. They’re amazing and their music choices are on point. After watching this video I wanted to learn how I could join this group.

7. “Yonce” choreographed by Hollywood

Charlize Glass is this young girl who has some serious moves. She moves quickly and stays on point throughout the whole video. Plus, she’s adorable.

8. “Blurred Lines” choreographed by Quick Crew

Urban Dance Camp is where I need to be. Sadly, it’s in Germany and is not cheap. But who knows, maybe one day. This crew kills it with the animation. Not only do they dance well but they’re entertaining . . . and cute.

9. “Til I Die”

Like I said, this camp is the best. Also, you actually have to know how to dance before you go to the camp. No beginners allowed and the camp is held once a year.

10. Kevin and Beberly at the Israeli Salsa Congress and Holy Land Salsa Tour

Lastly, these two kids make me ashamed of my attempts at salsa. If you thought you knew how to salsa before you were probably mistaken. These kids take the game to a new level and leave me asking, “Wait, how old are you?”. Amazing.

There are plenty of videos that show amazing choreography from dance groups, partners, and solo artists all over the world. Whether you can dance or not I say go for it anyway. Dancing is fun and a very good stress relief.


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