10 YouTube Videos I’ve Forgotten About

I don’t remember the specific moment when YouTube became so popular but I do remember being in high school and our friends would come running in telling us about this hilarious video they just found or they’d post it on our Facebook wall.

Well today I went back into the archives of my Facebook and saw all these videos that I’ve completely forgotten about that were hilarious to me back in the day. An eclectic mix of the strange, funny, and awkward these videos still make me laugh today.

1. Charlie the Unicorn 

About three years ago, FilmCow was killing the YouTube game. Almost all of these gems were made by FilmCow. I wish they would come back but my guess is they’ve moved on to bigger things by now.

I’m not 100% certain but I believe this may have been their first video and it definitely had me and my friends rolling for days. Although it’s sequels didn’t have as much appeal as the first this one will always make me laugh.

2. Charlie teh Unicorn

Rather than a sequel this was more like a remixed version of the original. I actually find this one to be funnier than the original but I’ll let you decide.

3. Shoes

I honestly don’t even know what possessed this person to make this video. I’m assuming their obsession with shoes. I for one love this video because I also love shoes. This one’s a keeper.

4. Buy You a Drank (Acoustic Version)

Honestly, this video wouldn’t have been funny at all without the addition of, “Pepsi!” For some reason that just killed it for me. I still find myself singing Pepsi when I hear this song sometimes.

5. A Depressed Whale

FilmCow had a knack for making videos that literally made no sense but were still hilarious. This was one of their best. You honestly have no idea where this video is going and truthfully neither do the characters. Awesome.

6. Llamas with Hats

This one will always be a classic to me. My friends and I would quote this in school all the time. “Carl,” became one of our best exclamations. Unlike Charlie the Unicorn, these sequels were still pretty funny. Not as good as the original by any means but still pretty good.

7. Adventure Time

Before the TV show, there was the original Adventure Time that was actually a random cartoon on Nickelodeon. This is another one me and my friends would quote and even get the paraphernalia from Hot Topic after school. This is still my favorite Adventure Time episode to date.

8. Hot Pockets

Jim Gaffigan is a hilarious comedian and this was one of me and my friends favorite routines by him. We would sometimes find ourselves singing the “Hot Pockets” jingle at random times and cracking ourselves up. Great stuff!

9. Can I Have Your Number?

Sadly, MadTV is now no more but they had some good sketches back in the day. This is probably their most well known one. My friends and I still quote this one to this day: “The back of your head is ridiculous!” Classic.

10. Bon Qui Qui

Lastly, this is another MadTV favorite. Bon Qui Qui represents the server at ____________ (insert your favorite fast food chain) that you can’t stand. Best line: “Welcome to King Burger where you can have it your way but don’t get crazy!” Hilarious.

That’s all the one’s that I could think of but if you have any old YouTube videos that you still love, feel free to comment them below.

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