Book Review: Taste of Darkness

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Although Maria V. Synder is a NY Times Bestselling Author I don’t think she’s that well know. Amongst my friends that actually read for pleasure many of them are not familiar with Snyder or her works. I, however, am absolutely obsessed.

From the day I received her book, Poison Study, as a gift I was hooked. Synder has this uncanny ability to create these magical worlds filled with war, betrayal, love, lust, death, and life. It’s amazing and this latest and last book in her most recent trilogy, Healers, did not disappoint.

Similar to the second novel in this trilogy the book alternates between telling the story from Avry’s point of view in the first person and Kerrick, Avry’s love interest, point of view shown in the third person. This structuring of the novel worked perfectly since from the start of the novel the two main characters are separated and they often remain that way throughout the novel.

What’s also great about this is unlike the first book we get a view of that very mind that frustrated Avry to no end in the first novel. Now that they are in love it was interesting and amusing to see how both their minds work as they are both stubborn characters who have different views. Even so, it’s evident that they both love each other and will do anything for each other, even trusting that the other will survive when everyone else believes otherwise.

Synder’s talent, however, comes from the fact that although she has created this beautiful love story she doesn’t shy away from the real difficulties that will appear in any relationship. Of course, not every couple is going to be separated because of a war that seems to be never ending but they will experience fights, disappointment, and frustration with each other. Here, Synder creates a couple that is real.

Even so, because these two spend so much time apart Synder doesn’t allow us to get sick of them. Instead, she focuses in on so many other things that I almost created a flow chart to keep track of what was happening. There were so many times in the novel when someone either did die and I was shocked or I thought someone was dead and they somehow survived. Well, not somehow. It was usually magic that saved them.

Though Synder is writing a novel about war and love what makes it even more interesting is that it all exists in this magical world where people have all different kinds of power. We have healers, life magicians, death magicians, air magicians, and a forest mage. Not mention some other surprising powers like one that will just hit you with the cold. These abilities play an interesting role in the novel creating bonds between multiple characters, saving lives, and also making the war that much more complicated.

And Avry’s right in the middle of all it. As a healer, one of the few left, she’s very necessary for battle. Plus, as Avry learns more about her abilities and what she can do she becomes a much wanted resource to many and some go to extraordinary lengths to use her and her information. Lucky for her she’s smart, witty, stubborn, and has her team of boys to back her up.

Synder ended this trilogy with a bang. This novel was amazing with many twists and turns that left me screaming, stressed, and outright concerned for my own well being. Just the kind of feelings I want from a book. Also, I truly enjoy that Synder portrays these headstrong, heroines in all of her novels. Girl power for the win!

If you haven’t tried one of Synder’s books yet definitely give her a try. Trust me once you try one you’ll be hooked. I would suggest starting with the first book in this trilogy however. The first two books are just as good as the last.

Stars: 5 out of 5

Borrow or Buy: Buy! Buy! Buy! Like I said this is definitely one for the bookshelf. I own all the books in this trilogy and it’s definitely worth every penny. I’m probably going to reread the whole trilogy over spring break. Amazing!

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