Book Review: Blue Bloods


I’m not sure how I feel about Melissa De La Cruz. She has this uncanny ability to write books that make you want to keep reading but for me this feeling mostly comes from curiosity, not interest.

I thought this book was okay. There’s a lot of mystery in it that left me wondering what would happening next. However, I also found many of the characters to be irritating.

This book is the first in another series about vampires, which already deterred me a little bit. Of course, Cruz puts her own spin on the vampire idea. In her series, vampires live forever through their blue blood that carries on their many lives. Basically, they are reincarnated over and over again. They still drink blood but the sun doesn’t kill them it only makes some of them itchy if they’re allergic.

The main character, Schulyer, is an outcast at her prestigious high school. Even so she has a hidden beauty and when a senior and one of the most popular guys in school, Jack, notices her and one of her fellow students is found dead things start to change for Schulyer who later finds out she’s a vampire and so are many of her classmates.

Of course, there’s something special about Schulyer, who’s curiosity about who she is and the death of her classmate leads her to a search for the truth about who could be killing vampires who are supposed to be immortal.

Like I said, I kept reading because I was curious. I wanted to know what Schulyer was and who’s killing these kid vamps. Overall, however, I didn’t find the novel to be that great. It didn’t draw me in and I wasn’t obsessively reading it late in the night to find out what happens next.

Even so, I will most likely still read the next one because I want to know what happens next. Who knows, maybe I’ll like the next one better.

Stars: 2 out of 5

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. This is definitely a book I wouldn’t re-read. Unless you need a refresher on what happens when you finally get around to reading the next one. But in that case you could probably just read the summary on Wikipedia.

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